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Overall - Course Modules

  • Earning Income

  • Buying Goods and Services

  • Saving & Budgeting

  • Using Credit 

  • Protecting & Insuring

  • College & Entrepreneurship

Details - Lessons within Course Modules


Module 1 - Earning Income


  1. Pre-Assessment

  2. Career Exploration (Worksheet)

  3. What’s Behind How Much You Are Paid? (Video)

  4. What is Opportunity Cost? (Video)

  5. How Does Certification Improve Productivity? (Video)

  6. What Drives Employment, Unemployment, and Income? (Worksheet)

  7. How Can You Raise Human Capital? (Worksheet)

  8. What’s Behind How Much You are Paid? (Video)

  9. What is Government Assistance? (Worksheet)

  10. Entrepreneurship: Is It a Risky Business? (Video)

  11. How to Make Money By Investing What You Earn (Worksheet)

  12. Test Your Job Hunting Skills (Quiz)

  13. Post Assessment


Module 2 - Buying Goods and Services


  1. Pre-Assessment

  2. Top Tips to Get Sweet Shopping Deals (Video)

  3. What Influences Consumer Decisions? (Video)

  4. What to Consider Before You Buy (Worksheet)

  5. Knowing Before You Buy (Worksheet)

  6. The Art of Negotiation: How to Haggle (Video)

  7. Source Incentives and Buying Goods (Video)

  8. Choosing the Right Payment Method (Worksheet)

  9. Post Assessment


Module 3 - Saving & Budgeting


  1. Pre-Assessment

  2. Understanding Your Budget (Worksheet)

  3. How Interest Rates and Savings Work (Video)

  4. What is Principal? (Video)

  5. What is the Rule of 72? (Video)

  6. Savers, Borrowers, and Interest (Worksheet)

  7. How Your Savings Grow (Worksheet)

  8. Determining Your Savings Strategy (Worksheet)

  9. 26 Money Hacks (Video)

  10. Understanding Your Future Savings (Article)

  11. Post Assessment


Module 4 - Using Credit 


  1. Pre-Assessment

  2. Should You Pay Off Your Student Loans During College? (article)

  3. Understanding Credit Card Statements (worksheet)

  4. Credit Cards and Interest Charges (worksheet)

  5. How Credit Can Improve Your Life (Video)

  6. Are You Credit Card Savvy? (Quiz)

  7. Credit History and Interest Rates (Worksheet)

  8. Understanding Down Payments and Loans (Video)

  9. What is Compound Interest? (Video)

  10. Loan Repayment Length and Interest (worksheet)

  11. How to Protect Yourself When Borrowing (Video)

  12. What Happens When You Don’t Pay Back a Loan? (Video)

  13. Post Assessment


Module 5 - Protecting & Insuring


  1. Pre-Assessment

  2. Understanding Insurance (Video)

  3. What is Personal Financial Risk? (worksheet)

  4. Different Ways to Handle Risks (Worksheet)

  5. What is Life Insurance? (Worksheet)

  6. What are Insurance Deductibles? (Video)

  7. How Personal Risk Impacts Insurance (Video)

  8. Is Insurance a Waste? (Video)

  9. When Are You Required to Buy Insurance? (Video)

  10. What is Self-Insuring? (worksheet)

  11. Different Ways to Handle Risk (worksheet)

  12. How Identity Theft Affects Your Life (Video)

  13. How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft (Video)

  14. Post Assessment


Module 6 - College/Entrepreneurship/Trade School


  1. Test Your Student Loan Knowledge (Quiz)

  2. The Ultimate Guide to Paying for College (Article)

  3. Siblings Talk Student Loans (Video)

  4. How to Talk to Your Parents about Money Before and After Graduation (Article)

  5. 5 Great – and 5 Not-So-Great – On-Campus Jobs (article)

  6. The Benefits of Joining the Military After High School (Video)

  7. How to Start a Business Based on Your Passion (Article)

  8. Tips on Starting a Business (Article)

  9. Post Assessment

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