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iMar Learning Solutions has partnered with the following companies to offer the best in financial literacy education to all users


Dollars and Good Sense Foundation

Dollars and Good Sense Family Fun Money Games is designed to  provide an innovative, fun, actionable and sustainable  caringly GUIDED weekly live and digital learning  program which encourages and equips families to take charge of their money, wellness for life! 

DGSF was founded by Debbie Todd and Larry Frazier. Debbie Todd is an accomplished CPA and financial educator, and Larry Frazier is a veteran technology professional. Together they have a mission to support financial literacy, in a unique way (“The Magic”) by teaching each member of a family concepts, that are age appropriate, fun and engaging.


FYI FLI, a fin tech company, created a ‘real-time’ mobile app and web-based interface to allow for budgeting and financial tracking to ensure money wellness.

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