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Happy School Kid

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

Frederick Douglass

iMar Youth Leadership Academy

Youth Leadership Academy

Creating Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Students learn to define what a leader is, and also how to discover the leader inside of themselves.

Students also learn critical thinking skills that future employers look for in employees: creative problem solving, analytical thinking, communication, and collaboration and social & emotional intelligence.

Mr. Wesley teaches our students with lessons that are uplifting, interactive, and educational. The positive change among our students provides them the leadership skills needed towards inspiring our future generation.

Jean Moore, The Michael Finley Foundation

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1 Day Power Session


Our one day power sessions includes all of the theories and lessons condensed into one day. Students are able to participate in hands on activities and team building activities.

3-5 Day Training Session


This is our most popular session. Students are able to fully engage in our hands on learning techniques. Our 3-5 day sessions give students the opportunity to fully explore what type of leader they are before the training and develop a new mindset as they progress.

Monthly Partnership


Our monthly partnership plan allows our team to meet with your students once per month either in person or virtually. We are able to build a long term relationship with students and help support their leadership growth throughout the school year.

There was a genuine connection between the students and Mr. Wesley. The kids were able to connect and truly engross themselves in the experience.

Renee White, LeRosen Preparatory Academy

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