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Financial Education

Employee Wellness Program

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Plan-It Finance App

Employees get unlimited access to our app to begin their journey to financial freedom!

Our App provides:

  • A Personal Finance Curriculum based on age & knowledge level

  • Available for Android or Apple

  • Articles, Quizzes, Podcast, Games, and more!

Seedlyng Web Portal

Users get access to their own personal web portal to learn even more at their own pace!

Our web portal features:

  • Complex finance topics made easy to understand

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Pre & Post-Assessments to monitor your growth

  • Get access to SPENDiD Budgeting

  • Powered by Centsai Education 

Finance Coaching

One-on-One coaching with a certified advisor:

  • Financial Coaching available when you need it

  • Get investing, budgeting, and retirement planning advice

  • Learn strategies to help your money grow

Virtual Finance Classes

Users can enroll in our virtual finance class and learn alongside their peers:

  • Classes taught by Seedlyng Certified instructors

  • Take control of your own financial literacy

  • Course Focus: Investing, Budgeting, Credit Improvement, Entrepreneurship, and MORE!

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