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"Many pedagogical experts argue that schools should switch to teaching “the four Cs” — critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity." - Yuval Harari

iMar Learning Solutions launched in 2016 and our focus has always been on the future of education, finance, and business. We chose these industries as our focus because these three MUST merge together to create a system that produces citizens that are prepared to lead our society into the future.

Yuval Harari mentioned in his article, What Kids Need to Learn to Succeed in 2050, that schools need to teach the Four C's, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. As an educator it frustrates me that these skills aren't being taught in school. I am seeing some improvements as more and more districts and states realize that the 'cookie cutter' way of producing assembly line citizens doesn't match our society anymore.

For example, NuMinds Enrichment is an after school STEAM program that "extends beyond basic academic needs into the realm of enrichment, where a learner’s authentic engagement with ideas, processes and products is paramount."

Harari also wrote, "In such a world, the last thing a teacher needs to give her pupils is more information. They already have far too much of it. Instead, people need the ability to make sense of information, to tell the difference between what is important and what is unimportant, and, above all, to combine many bits of information into a broad picture of the world."

Ryan Holmes, CEO at Hootsuite, reported that we see an average of 5,000 ads per day. Our students need to be taught how to process and filter all of the information they are receiving. Schools and businesses have to work together to ensure students are gaining the experience they need to prepare to be successful after graduation.

What is your school or organizations plan to bridge the skills gap? Don't have a plan? Let's chat!

iMar Learning Solutions is the bridge that connects businesses and schools to help develop programs to close the skills gap. Let's work together to help students get what they need to be better prepared for the road ahead.

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