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40 College Freshmen Mistakes to Avoid & How to Do That

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

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The first year in college is the most confusing stage of student life. A huge number of changes happen to a freshman all at once: moving to a new place, embracing a new academic system, and meeting hundreds of people. All of this is challenging and can cause many difficulties.

You can make your freshman experience hassle-free if you understand the basics of the college lifestyle before leaving home. We created this article to help you navigate your first year in college. Here, you will find the most common freshman mistakes and tips to avoid them. And tip #1 – use our free research essay samples database for inspiration and fresh ideas.

Freshman Year: Why Is It so Hard?

There are many reasons why the first year of college can be so demanding. The stress level will depend a lot on the college and the individual characteristics of each student. But we’ve done our best to describe all the issues first-year college students might encounter. We’ll start with the basics.

1. Who Is a Freshman?

Freshman means beginner or newcomer. This word is mainly used to describe a first-year student in college or high school. The term implies that a “fresh” person is naive, inexperienced, and young. This is the most popular way to talk about the first year of studies in the US. In England and Wales, first-year students are freshers. In Canada, they are first years or frosh.

You might be surprised, but first-year members of Congress are also freshman senators and congressmen. But we’ll be discussing college freshmen in this article.

2. College Freshmen Vs. High School Seniors

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