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Financial Literacy Advocates Unite

Back in May, assistant principal of Olney Charter High School, Dan LaSalle's program was called the "most innovative financial literacy program in the U.S." by Market Watch and I have to agree, they are correct.

Steve Kutz described Mr. LaSalle's program as a "personal-finance program that not only teaches students the importance of budgeting, saving and investing, but also gives them the opportunity to get paid up to $5,000 a year, and to put that money into a bank account of their own." Mr. LaSalle has definitely created one of the most innovative programs and I hope to see his model spread to other schools.

After reading about the Mr. LaSalle's program I was inspired to contact him and learn more about his mission and how I could support his efforts. After a few phone conversations and emails back and forth, Mr. LaSalle decided that he would invite financial literacy advocates to "take over" the school's upcoming Niche Day 2019 event in Philadelphia.

Centsai founders Jeff Pomeroy & Arindam Nag and PLAN-IT founder Derrick Wesley

Our mission for Niche Day was to share our journey as entrepreneurs, financial literacy advocates, and explain how we overcame our challenges in life. Some of the featured guest were myself, Derrick Wesley, the founder of PLAN-IT, Centsai, a creator of engaging financial literacy for different age groups, and also nominee for city council, Isaiah Thomas.

Chris Mouzon of World Finance Group shares his financial independence lesson with students.

Mr. LaSalle's goal is to spread his financial education lessons to even more districts and also to bring Niche Day to even more schools. Thank you Mr. LaSalle for including iMar Learning and PLAN-IT as a resource to accomplish your goal, "that everyone in the class will be a millionaire at some time in their life.”

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