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iMar Learning Solutions, Dollars & Good Sense Foundation, & FYI FLI Join Forces to Eradicate Poverty

Educational Consortium Agreement makes fun, engaging and age-appropriate financial literacy accessible to families and students, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Two innovative financial literacy educational partners, as well as a dynamic fin tech company, joined forces to help millions of families get off the money madness roller coaster – a dynamic and focused effort toward eradicating global poverty.

The tragic reality is there are millions of families walking the edge of the financial cliff and made exponentially worse by the COVID pandemic. Family financial instability traumatizes our cities, states, the nation and the entire world - but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Dollars and Good Sense Foundation (DGSF), a 501c3 International Educational Charity with its flagship financial literacy curriculum “Dollars and Good Sense Family Fun Money Games” and “Smart Money Commanders” by Ruby’s Troupe, a unique financial education platform and content for families, has agreed to an educational consortium partner agreement with iMar Learning Solutions, LLC, (iMar) a financial literacy company with its chief product, Seedlyng Financial Literacy. Seedlyng is a leading online financial education platform, which is specifically tailored for students age 12 to 24. FYI FLI, a fin tech company, created a ‘real-time’ mobile app and web-based interface to allow for budgeting and financial tracking to ensure money wellness in correlation with the financial literacy education provided by its partner companies.

This collaboration will blend innovative technologies and decades of “money wellness” expertise to create new and engaging tools that includes gamification, intuitive device applications at every student’s fingertips and customizable, bite-sized age-appropriate content. – all guided by caring and qualified mentors every step of the way.

As Benjamin Franklin wisely said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, engage me and I will learn.” The newly created consortium will allow DGSF, iMar and FYI FLI to scale, engage, and achieve their goal of transforming the financial wellness of five million families throughout the world.

The organizations believe there are two key components needed to start poverty eradication. The first being that “Tomorrows philanthropists and world changers are sitting in booster seats today!” and the second “When students can learn without shame, dream without fear, while gaining hope and confidence to chart their own course with simple, persistent actions - our world will truly become a better place.”, says Debbie Todd, DGSF Co-Founder.

"DGSF and FYI FLI's partnership with Seedlyng gives schools and communities a complete turn-key solution. We are looking forward to expanding our services to provide engaging tools for young students and their parents through this partnership. Education is the first step toward creating generational wealth. We believe it should be shared by all family members." stated Derrick Wesley, CEO of iMAR.

Hassan Thomas, CEO of FYI FLI said, “I believe that DGSF, Seedlyng, and FYI FLI were divinely brought together to provide all-inclusive financial literacy programs and resources for ages 3 through 103. Our approach of educating the entire family is what sets us apart from other educators because how can we advocate for generational wealth without educating all generations at the same time? This merger will forever change the trajectory of the financial futures in fragile communities. Together.”

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