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Is a Quality Curriculum Enough?

"Without comprehensive training and a continued system of support for educators on implementation, the curriculum itself is unlikely to be effective." -Michelle Hawley, The 74

I'm often asked, what makes Seedlyng Financial Education different from our competitors? Why should we choose Seedlyng when there are so many other free financial literacy options?

💡These questions give me a chance to highlight what truly sets us apart from others. As educators, we understand that we can't simply hand over our curriculum and hope for the best, as the article stated. We build relationships with teachers and principals we support and ensure they have the training and coaching needed to deliver our financial literacy curriculum.

Hawley's article also states, "With everything on teachers’ plates, it is easy to do what is familiar and comfortable. That’s exactly why we decided to invest substantial effort into building a shared vision and providing real-time support for teachers."

Our teachers receive this kind of support. To truly impact the financial education of our students and ensure that teachers have everything they need to be the best teachers they can be, we're here.

Learn more about how we are supporting schools, teachers, and parents by visiting

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