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Meet the Founders: Pioneers in Financial Literacy

Seedlyng Financial Education, co-founded by CEO Derrick Wesley and COO Richard Ciarletta, is at the forefront of the financial literacy movement. With a vision to end community poverty through financial education, Seedlyng has developed a robust curriculum, mobile app, and web-based platform designed to equip students with essential money management skills. James L Katzaman in his article, Good Tools are Ones That Suit Best, said, "Seedlyng Financial Education is rapidly growing into a key player in the money arena."

Over the past decade, Derrick and Richard have transformed Seedlyng from a conversation between two passionate teachers into a leading educational initiative. Their programs are now implemented in various schools and nonprofits globally, demonstrating significant improvements in students' financial knowledge and behavior.

Seedlyng's recent accomplishments include impactful partnerships with Snohomish County, and Lebanon in the Middle East, influencing over 800 students. Additionally, securing the Region 10 RFP has positioned Seedlyng to potentially impact up to 888,000 student lives in Texas alone.

Through their innovative approach and unwavering commitment, Derrick Wesley and Richard Ciarletta are not only transforming individual lives but are also contributing to a broader societal change. For more information, visit

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