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Money Quiz - Which Stranger Things Character Are You?

1. How often do you check your bank account?

  • 0%A. Daily

  • 0%B. Weekly

  • 0%C. Monthly

  • 0%D. Rarely

2. How do you typically pay for purchases?

  • A. Cash

  • B. Debit Card

  • C. Credit Card

  • D. Mobile Payment

3. How do you save for emergencies?

  • A. I don't save, I live paycheck to paycheck

  • B. I keep a small amount of cash in my savings account

  • C. I have a dedicated emergency fund

  • D. I don't save for emergencies

4. How do you plan for big purchases?

  • A. I save up for them over time

  • B. I use credit cards and pay them off later

  • C. I don't plan, I just buy what I want when I want it

  • D. I borrow money from family or friends

5. What is your approach to investing?

  • A. I don't invest

  • B. I invest a small amount regularly in low-risk options

  • C. I take calculated risks for potentially higher returns

  • D. I don't know much about investing

6. How do you manage debt?

  • A. I don't have any debt

  • B. I pay the minimum on my credit card balance each month

  • C. I make more than the minimum payment and try to pay off d

  • D. I don't manage my debt, it manages me

7. What is your overall attitude toward money?

  • A. Money is important for security and peace of mind

  • B. Money is a means to an end, but not the most important th

  • C. Money is everything, I will do whatever it takes to get m

  • D. Money is a necessary evil, I don't enjoy thinking about i

To View Your Results

Add up your answer choices: (Ex. A's = 2, B's =1, etc.)

Mostly A's:

You are like Mike Wheeler, responsible and practical with your finances.

Mostly B's:

Mostly C's:

Mostly D's:

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