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Should Employers Provide Financial Literacy?

"No matter their role, everyone needs to know how your company makes money and how what they do, as individuals, contributes to your company's success." Sonia Webb, Avanade & Forbes

The other day, my wife and I were discussing overcrowding in the classroom, and she asked, "why don't they just hire more teachers?" I explained to her the details of school budgeting, funding, the importance of student attendance and etc.

Then I thought to myself, "does every educator FULLY understand the financial ins and outs of running a school or district and how certain choices will impact their paycheck and financial future?" Of course, the answer is NO.

Unfortunately, many employees don't know or don't care about how what they do dictates where the company, school, or organization is headed in the future. I don't blame the employee for this; I blame their employer. I believe it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that his or her employees have a vested interest in the direction of the company.

For those employees that are blessed with employers that provide financial literacy through courses, webinars, mobile apps, games, guest speakers, and more, make sure you are paying attention during those lessons.

Yes, you might be learning about the impact your decisions have on your companies bottom line, but you can also take the lessons you learn and use them in your personal life to help improve your financial outcomes.

If you are an employer or employee and your organization needs a fun, engaging, and personalized financial wellness program, check out our Employee Wellness Program here.

Read Sonia Webb's Full article below:

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