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Welcome to the Future of Education

Camp Future is a multi-layered educational summer camp dedicated to empowering the youth (ages10-14) with mentorship and instruction in four key areas.

Camp Future was born through collaboration, these groups have come together to provide

interactive education as the summer closes out and enters a new school year. Camp Future is a multi-layered educational summer camp dedicated to empowering rising middle schoolers with mentorship and instruction in Digital Literacy, Financial Literacy, Robotics and Engineering, and AEYL Mentorship.

At Fuel The Future, we are committed to fostering education through intriguing hands-on experiences. Our educational output will never compromise your child's educational effort in exchange for maximizing legacy curricula programming designed to bolster standardized testing results. At Camp Future, there are no tests -- just opportunities.

The future has no identity. The future is yet to be shaped, and for that reason, we must be intentional in how we bring the next generation into the fold. Education is the passport to the future. A future equitable for everyone. This camp aims to provide knowledge to the next generation of change-makers.

We invite all parents to the ‘Future Showcase’ event on the final day of Camp for additional

opportunities to get each child involved in follow-up STEM activities following the camp.

Educational Partners

With camp starting in August, Camp Future includes numerous hands-on activities specializingin Financial Literacy, Digital Literacy, Mentorship and workforce preparation, and introductory Robotics and Engineering. Lunch will be provided in-house through our catering partners, but parents are more than welcome to prepare lunch at home for their children. Camp Future houses trained high school volunteer mentors ready to invest in each student’s future with a 4:1 camper-to-mentor ratio.

“It is Seedlyng's pleasure to partner with the Camp Future team and help students gain real-world skills that we hope will have a significant impact on their future careers. Seedlyng is the financial literacy component of Camp Future and our curriculum is designed to take the fear of finances, so students can make wiser financial decisions earlier on in life.” Derrick Wesley, Founder of iMar Learning Solutions.

“We are excited about this year’s summer program Camp Future. We’re thankful for the

opportunity to spend morning and afternoons each day of the camp mentoring the teens.

We are excited that Camp Future will give the teens an opportunity to embrace agency in

different ways, as they prepare themselves to transition into the future of the workforce.” -

Derrick Robinson, Founder of Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership

“It is exciting to be part of Camp Future, as the world keeps having more problems and not

enough problem solvers. We are ecstatic to use robotics as the way to create the next generation of leaders and problem solvers.” - Tomas Ariasi, Outreach Coordinator of 5242 Robocats

Learn more at CampFuture.XYZ

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